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There is a request to seekers of Individual Visa of India through the facilitated link of online application. They can even apply through URL: to be mentioned in address bar of a web browser for making an application to get Indian visa.

In any of the cases, there would be no acceptance of application form written manually by any Indian Mission/ Post, in case there is online Visa already facilitated there. The completed application form would be successfully submitted at the concerned IVAC (Indian Visa Application Center) or may have direct submission at Indian Mission/ Post if IVAC is not there on scheduled interview date provided the required supporting documents are there. Instructions to fill the form as well as scheduling of appointment may be availed at Instructions for Online Visa Application. Significant technical information to fill Indian visa application online may be found at Technical Instructions.

If one has already applied through internet for Indian Visa online and he has to acknowledge the current status of the application, kindly follow the link meant for Visa Enquiry. To get more information or further details there are descriptions which may be availed on the page of Visa Enquiry.