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Passport Registration

  1. You can make use of internet services to apply for a new passport, duplicate passport as well as issuing the passport again.

  2. Simply those residents which are included under the control of their relevant identification offices are only allowed to apply by using online facilities with the help of this website.

  3. You can get your application registered with the specific passport organizations with the help of this site. After the online passport registration is done, you would be asked to open as well as save your request form. Print the request form after saving or opening the document. There are certain columns that are required to be filled manually in the request form. You are required to go to the passport organization for submitting the finished application form together with a definite fee as well as additional documents including certificates related to birth according to the selected date as well as time. The time as well as date of meeting at the passport organization is informed to the individual with the help of online services. The details are also mentioned over the form of application.

  4. One should visit the Passport organization according to the fixed time and date of appointment. You should turn up at the R.P.O. at least fifteen minutes earlier than the agreed time and should reach the particular counter. The applicants who reach as per their time schedule are not required to take a voucher number for submission of their applications. You can avoid waiting in the row for long.

  5. You should read the information carefully that is provided over the website regarding the specific passport organization mainly related to the structure of fees, method of applying as well as guidelines for filling form number 1.With the help of this information you can get an idea related to the documents that are needed as well as the facsimile copies that are required regarding the form of application. You should apply for an online passport registration simply when you are sure that you can produce the required documentation that is needed on the scheduled date.

  6. If you reach the passport office lately on the appointment date because of any reason, we thoroughly make efforts to allow you to enter in the row in any available gap on the similar day.