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A certificate of marriage is a legal evidence of registration of matrimony. The requirement of a wedding certificate comes when someone need to prove that he/she is legally wedded with someone and for some purposes such as getting a passport , changing one’s maiden name and any other kind of legal work.

There are two kinds of marriage act in India , the Hindu wedding act (1955) only for the Hindu community and other one is special wedding act (1954) for all other communities of India.

The Hindu wedding Act make available for listing of an already celebrated marriage. It never offers for solemnization of wedding by the official registrar. However, the special wedding Act offers for solemnization of a wedding and legal registration by the registrar or marriage officer.

Under the Hindu Wedding Act

Events to the wedding need to apply to the marriage officer or registrar in whose legislation the wedding is solemnized or to registrar in whose legislation either celebration to the wedding has been living at least for six months instantly before the time frame of wedding. Both of the parties need to be present in front of the registrar along with their mother and father or available guardians or some other witnesses within the duration of one month from the time frame of wedding. There is a supply for condensation of wait up to five years, by authorized registrar, and after that send to the district registrar.

Under Special Wedding Act

The parties to the designed wedding have to provide a observe to the Marriage Official in whose legislation at least one of the parties has lived for not less than 1 month before time frame of observe. It needs to be attached at some noticeable position in his workplace. If any of the party is living in the position of another Marriage Official, a duplicate copy of that notice need to be send to him for identical publication. The wedding can be solemnized after the expiration of one 1 month from the time frame of publication of that notice, if no questions are obtained. If any questions are obtained, the Marriage Official has to investigate into them and take a choice either to solemnize the wedding or to reject it. Marriage Registration Online can be done after solemnization of a particular wedding.