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Caste Certificate

Caste Certificate in India

Government authorities issue Caste Certificates to Indian citizens as proof of a person's representation to certain caste he/she belongs. Indian Constitution augurs for issuance of a certificate and it is mainly focussed for persons from the ‘Scheduled Castes’ and seek to obtain one. The Indian Government indeed augur for the promotion of Scheduled Castes and Tribes for that they are most often encouraged through facilitating certain opportunities including the issuance of such certificates to avail the privileges. It is aimed at helping them grow in the same manner general citizens do. Resultant impacts are already seen through the initiatives by Government for a system to help protect them without any discrimination. They have been given certain special privileges including reservations in the Government Services and seats in Legislatures besides helps through waiving off whole or part fees for the school and college admissions for their promotion. They also enjoy privilege of quotas in the educational institutions and support through upper age limit relaxations while applying for few government jobs. A person belonging to Scheduled Caste community and keen to avail such types of privileges must possess a valid Caste Certificate issued by the concerned authorities.

The Legal Framework

For the fulfilment of Articles 341 and 342 guidelines under the Indian Constitution, constitutional list was prepared to demarcate the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes through a notification for the first time under Scheduled Castes Order, 1950 Act of Indian Constitution and the Scheduled Tribes Order, 1950 Act for this purpose. The list has been repeatedly updated with the amendments, modifications and supplementations over the time. It was from October 29th 1956 that Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes List (Modification) Order was implemented forcefully on the category of States reorganisation. Some more orders related to Scheduled Castes and Tribes in few Indian states kept coming and implemented thereafter.


Approach concerned offices in your City/Village/Town for applications that are made available in the Sub-Divisional magistrate (SDM) or any Tehsil or Revenue Department offices. You can download the applications which are made available online. Verification might be initiated if none of your family members were issued Caste Certificate previously. Enquiries are local in nature and ascertain facts applicants fill in application form before Certificate issuance. You should produce residence proof details for specific time in a State you belong to alongside court affidavit that state represent you with the Scheduled Caste communities and submit application with court’s stamp fee.

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