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Birth Registration

What are Birth Certificate and its Importance?

Obtaining Birth Certificate is possession of crucial document for identity purpose from one's birth to eases for anybody to avail additional benefits in growing years. They avail the privilege of getting thoroughly benefitted to have several government services as citizen of the country. That is why it is necessary to get Birth Certificate that ascertains documentation of an individual's birth date. It is also notable that such documents are used for array of services or purposes beginning with getting voting right upon completing 18 years to age proof for school admissions to documentation for a Government Service amongst others. Equally is necessary this document to claim or showcase legally permissible age for marriage besides rest legal issues like claiming property rights, inheritance settlements and obtain an identity document from Government like passport and driving licences.

The Legal Framework

According to law in India under Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969, individuals are bound to register birth/stillbirth of children in specific State/UTs within three weeks of a child's birth. There is effective and feasible birth registration system that Government has facilitated for citizens to make in respective areas. Such offices are monitored through Registrar Generals at Centre and State Chief Registrars being assisted through District Registrars in all states concerned to complete registration tasks in the villages and towns by maintaining thorough consistency.

Need of Birth Certificate

Registering birth is important and most notable step prior to applying for Birth Certificate. Approach the concerned local authorities to register the birth of a child and make sure to finish this step in less than three weeks. Follow the simple rule by filling prescribed form to submit before the Registrar for that purpose. Actual records are verified form the concerned hospital before the issuance of a Birth Certificate thereafter.

The revenue authorities order for the conduction of due police verification to issue Birth Certificate in case such registrations are not completed within the required timeframe post child birth.

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