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Income Tax

A tax that is levied regarding the earnings of individuals as well as business organizations which comprises of legal bodies as well as corporations is termed as the income tax. Varieties of systems related to income tax online registration exist along with changing degrees of the occurrence of excise. The taxation of income could be regressive, progressive as well as comparative.

The tax that is charged from the earnings of organizations is known as commercial tax, profit tax as well as commercial tax regarding income. Income tax related with individuals refers to the tax that is charged upon the entire earnings of an individual in which a few deductions are allowed. On the other hand the business income excise relates to the tax which is levied according to the net income including the variation among expenses, gross receipts as well as supplementary write-offs. Different systems associated with income tax online registration, explain income in a diverse manner and frequently allow speculative diminution in income which is similar to a deduction that is derived from the support provided to a number of Kids.

To be able to become an Income Tax payer one has to first register with the Income Tax Department through its official website. The process of registering with the department is:

  • Go to the official website of the Income Tax Department.

  • Click on “Register” shown on the right hand side of the website.

  • The website will ask for your Pan Card number.

  • In the next step, one has to enter his/her password detail, personal details and contact details.

  • After that just click on register button and the registration process is done.

  • The administrator will send you an email regarding the activation of your account after which you can start filing your income tax