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Ration Card

The State Civil Supplies department administers issue of ration cards primarily to supply rationed quantities of essential food items, but this card is very valuable not only for Cooking Gas registration but also to serve the purpose of an Identity document on various registration processes, including opening of bank accounts. The ration card applications and processing  are now possible online too.

For Obtaining New Ration Card, one has to go through the following steps

  • Collect the application form for ration card.
  • Forms are available at any office of Food and Civil Supplies department.
  • Fill up the form properly.
  • Specify properly the name of the state in which you wish to get new ration card.

 Documents Required For Ration Card

  • Voter identity card.
  • A Rs. 2 worth of court fee stamp
  • Residential proof (Any One )
    • Receipt of tax payment
    • Document of rent agreement
    • Gas bill
    • Bank passbook
    • Electricity bill
    • Telephone bill
    • Letter mailed by post office in your house

Submission of above documents and obtaining the Ration Card can be done in the respective range Office which has jurisdiction on the area where the individual resides.

If an individual wants to obtain a ration card in a new area, while one has a ration card already in another area, the procedure involves one more step of submitting the following documents:

  • Surrender certificate from the earlier range office of jurisdiction
  • Deletion certificate in the case of one moving from one’s family and joining another family in the new area, for instance in the case of marriage.