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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration refers to the listing of a mode of transportation in the administrative records after suitable confirmation. It is compulsory to get every vehicle registered according to the law and also it is vital for every individual to have an evidence of the possession for a specific mode of transportation. The proofs are also required while selling a vehicle as well as transferring its rights.

The motor vehicles are registered according to the scope of this Act. According to the Act, it is the duty of every individual to see that no vehicle is driven in any communal area until it is certified. It must be observed that the online vehicle registration certificate for any particular vehicle is not poised as well as cancelled. Every vehicle must have an authorized mark which is presented in a particular manner.

For registration of a novel, personal as well as a non profitable vehicle you are required to apply in a definite form which means that a person should either make an online vehicle registration through web services or with an apprehensive restricted authority. An individual should go to the Transport officer that is located in his area where he resides. The transport department may ask you to produce variety of documents including the certificate for sale that is provided by the trader, document related to worthiness of road, address proof, facsimile of the number mentioned over the chassis as well as the proven replica of the policy of insurance. Also you should submit the fees for registration as well as Road tax which is paid once only. There is an officer who inspects the vehicle very minutely. After completion of the entire process a distinctive registration number is issued to be displayed over a vehicle.