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Filing of the Return as well as online service tax registration has now been possible after the beginning of the A.C.E.S. It is simple online software which is easy to control and allows various dealers, service facilitators as well as manufacturers in getting registered according to the Central Excise as well as online service tax. It also permits them to file their claims, legal returns, intimations as well as track and see their position. The application of Automation of Central Excise and Service Tax is divided into two segments. The first part is regarding Central Excise while the other is related to Service Tax. The assessee should get himself registered individually for using both the facilities.

It is mandatory for every individual who is liable for paying service tax, to get him registered with the respective Service Tax administrator. The registration should be done in a time span of thirty days in comparison to the day from which a facility becomes taxable or in relation to the date of initiation of a business for providing taxable amenities.

Credentials Required

Pan Card Replica.

Address Proof.

Establishment of Contender excluding individuals.

Command of a legal representative is needed in relation to the certified individual.

Multiple as Well as Single Registrations

A single application can be created by an assessee who facilitates numerous taxable services.Nevertheless; he requires mentioning diverse online service tax registration services that are facilitated by him regarding the request for registration.

When an individual who is responsible for paying service tax receives as well as facilitates taxable services in reference to one or more organizations and locations and as a result makes that person responsible for paying service excise. If a person possesses a centralized system for billing as well as accounting which is located at particular as well as diverse premises, he has an option to register such organizations as well as premises from the place where centralized accounting as well as billing arrangements are situated.

When a person who requires paying service tax receives as well as facilitates one as well as additional taxable facilities from diverse locations but does not have a centralized accounting as well as billing procedure, he should create individual applications in order to get each premise as well as office registered under the jurisdictional supervisor belonging to the Central Excise.