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Indane Gas

Among the Cooking Gas suppliers in India, Indane occupies a predominant position and this Gas producing company is that of Indian Oil Corporation. Indane LPG’s bottling plant is situated at Leh,  3500mtrs above sea level.

Everyone living in India can register for Indane Gas supply, which is now restricted to one connection for one family ration card, with facility for two bottle connections. For obtaining Indane Gas supply one has to

  • Make registration for a new connection, which is now possible online.
  • For which purpose, one has to find a distributor nearer one’s residential area
  • Furnish details of one’s address and family details, with proof of address and proof of Identity and also the bank details in the prescribed form
  • Wait for the eMail advice from the distributer informing registration approval.

While remittances of cylinder deposit are to be done with the Distributor, it is not obligatory on the part of the consumer to purchase a Gas Stove from the Distributor and the consumer can choose one’s own shop to procure the gas stove.

Documents that  Required  Fro Registration of  Indane Gas Connection:

  • Proof of residence which can Aadhaar Card, Ration card or Rent agreement with the house owner.
  • Proof of Identity, with Photograph, including  driving  license ,  Voter’s ID Card alternatively  Aadhaar Card.

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